Friday, July 18, 2008

Ive got product that will make the world fall to your feet.

Once you've had a pass through DRUNKINGHAM(dot)COM and seen all there is to see, you might now be interested in my steel bottle openers, cotton t-shirts, and vinyl stickers.

The bottle openers are good for opening bottles, smashing bugs and attracting the opposite sex. The t-shirts on the other hand are good for wearing, wiping up spills, and repelling the opposite sex, and the stickers are suitable for application on cop cars, street signs and/or little children.

The bottle openers are $10.00, which sort of includes shipping, the t-shirts are $15.00 plus 4.00 for shipping and the stickers are a buck a piece.

Paypal me at drunkingham@gmail.

(It should be noted that while I currently am out of stock of the womens shirts, I am in the process of getting more made. Please email me first and I'll give you the low down.)

*NEWS FLASH* The mighty minds at Stroker Ace screen printing in Minneapolis are now producing the shirts.
Go to STROKER ACE(dot)COM for the skinny.

Hey, you. The shirts are out of stock. Go visit Stroker Ace screen printing. Their link is at the top, back up there where all the writing is..

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